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At Brandy’s Beerhouse, you get the best service, the best brew and the best breasts. She brings you beer and bratwurst in a tiny German barmaid outfit that accentuates her large breasts. But the moment you see the huge sausage she’s serving up, you realize you’d rather see Brandy eat it. A big girl like […]

VIEW MORE OF THIS BBW DREAMS UPDATE HERE When Marilyn reached her blind date’s apartment, she discovered he was quite the direct individual; just her type. She agreed to his offer for sex, but first felt she should get cleaned up a bit. Showering her busty body down was more than enough to push her […]

Black Lush


This latin bbw goes by the name Lola Lush. Her gorgeous eyes and hot chunky body make for some fantastic interracial plumper fucking action. Lucas steps on in and finds her big natural boobies ready to get worshipped. Her fat ass and belly too. She quickly starts to suck off his big black cock and […]

Leah Jayne is a religious one… about sex. She may look innocent in her little Catholic school girl outfit, but that’s just a facade to hide the devil behind the angel. Leah is such a sex fanatic she can’t stop touching herself, even with her lover at her side. However, he soon takes over and […]