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Plumper to Go


You’d think I’d get more gratitude for picking our blonde BBW beauty this early morning after a long night of big titty juggling. Lucas was with me and boy did he want to fuck her! After chit chatting, we found out she didn’t have a good night money wise. We offered to match whatever she […]

Oh Sydney!


Sydney JJ is back in all her blonde bbw glory for some hot hardcore plumper action. She starts off as always, using that British accent of hers and showing off those HUGE natural rack of titties of hers. Her long blonde hair and that chubby tummy of hers make this plumper hot as fuck. As […]

Workout Wallop


Shyla Shy was really interested in getting a personal trainer. She already had the whole gym set up at home. It was time time to make it happen. So after staking out the local gym, she finds a big black man by the name of Lucas that seemed like he would be interested. After approaching […]

This gorgeous blonde bbw babe was wearing thee sexiest set of lingerie I’ve seen yet on one of our fine plumpers. Her huge set of natural round titties and fat firm ass were incredible. That pretty face and dick sucking lips of hers had me sitting on a boner myself. She quickly got to work […]