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DAMN this Spanish mami looking fine! Selena Castro is looking fucking gorgeous in her bikini, with her huge tits and smoking hot ass. And just when you think it can’t get any better, she starts sucking dick like a fucking champ. Her tits look fucking great as they bounce around while she’s moaning things that […]

Wood Suck


Angelina Castro had a huge landscaping problem. And I don’t mean her pussy! That was already clean shaven. She had a problem with the $4,000 fee it would take to trim the trees in her yard. Angelina flexed her resilience by asking our friend into the house to see what could be worked out. She […]

Are you in the mood for bratwurst and ale? Barmaid Brandy is here to serve you. She’s also a fan of sausage-the pork kind and the cock kind. Which ever you have, she’ll take. And if you can slip her a little bit of both at the same time, even better. ‘I love to eat […]

Plumper Pick Up


So I was driving to pick up one of JT’s friends at the train station when we saw this gorgeous blonde bbw hanging out waiting on her ride. Tiffany. Her natural set of perky boobs were falling out of her top. She quickly got into the front seat after we had offered her that ride […]