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Alix found herself with a dead battery in the middle of the parking lot on a frosty winter day and nowhere to go. Fortunately, some help stopped by and was kind enough to give a look under the hood. Alix suggested if he was so good with his hands that maybe he could work under […]

Kandi was walking around on a local college campus hoping to get some answers about sex for her survey. However, after asking several people she found that written answers just would not do; she needed a hands on demonstration. She picked out one lucky guy who was willing to show what he could do and […]

Okay, her boobs are big, not giant like I want. But there is always something special about a red head. Especially, when Beth is walking around with a round ass like that to tease everybody. Guys must hit on her all the time. Cause she sure does like a huge dildo fucking in and out […]

Perfect Date


When Marilyn reached her blind date’s apartment, she discovered he was quite the direct individual; just her type. She agreed to his offer for sex, but first felt she should get cleaned up a bit. Showering her busty body down was more than enough to push her date over the edge, so he jumped in […]